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Hockey stick
Hockey stick

Hockey has always been something special to me. I have played all my life, and it’s easily my favorite sport. I am a defensemen and I play for my highschool team. My favorite part about the sport is the part with checking, that’s why I play defense. My favorite stick is the CCM jetspeed with a McKinnon curve and 85 flex, furthermore it’s a very good stick for sitting at the point and ripping slapshots towards the net. It’s made of Stigmatex carbon fiber and also comes from CCM hq in Montreal, Canada. The carbon fiber in the stick helps the durability because after a number of shots a stick breaks really easily. It also helps reduce weight which helps you shoot much harder and help you flex it much easier. In my family hockey was never really a huge sport but I single handedly brought it into our home, me and my dad now watch the islanders play on our tv almost every game and we both love going to games. The rush after they score is something special, the sound of all the fans cheering at once is amazing. I am a huge islanders fan, their my favorite team in all sports. In the playoffs the stadium is at least twenty times louder, the regular season is not as exciting as the playoffs, unless you have a game that goes to overtime, your always on the edge of your seat at that time.  Not only that but also when the final goal is scored the most excitement you will ever have at a hockey game.

– Jake

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