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Republic of Texas Certificate
Republic of Texas Certificate

A 5th generation Texan; my ancestor, William Howerton, migrated to the Republic of Texas in 1840.
Stephen F. Austin began to lead Anglos to Texas in 1821; early attempts to colonize all failed. In 1839-1840, immigrants landed at Galveston to learn they did not have title to lands they had bought.  Among these were Huguenots, including the Devereux family who was driven out of France by Louis XIV. 
William Howerton, son of Sarah & Joel Howerton, was born in S. Carolina in 1814.  He married Mary Ann Mickleborough in 1837 in Alabama.  They had two children:  Elizabeth Miriam (born April 14, 1844) and Celia, in Milam Co., TX.  

Howerton had arrived in the Republic of Texas in Nov. 1840 and presented proof on April 7, 1845 in Montgomery Co. that he was entitled to receive a land grant.  His certificate was registered on May 15, 1857 with the Court of Claims and on August 12, Howerton received 640 acres in Dallas Co.  In the 1850’s Howerton was overseer of Monte Verdi Plantation owned by Julien S. Devereux.  
Elizabeth M. Howerton, married James Bailey Lacy on Jan. 12, 1869.  They had seven children, the youngest, Elizabeth Jane Lacy, born May 28, 1884.  Elizabeth J. married Vollie Lee Jackson on Dec. 22, 1909; they had one son:  Robert Lacy Jackson, born July 21, 1912, in Comanche Co.

Robert L. Jackson married Sarah Eliza Brown on June 16, 1935, in Hays Co.  They had two children:  Roberta Jane and Ross Taylor, born Nov. 2, 1949.  R.  Jane married James Ricky Lewis on April 7, 1985.  

Place(s): Texas
Year: 1840

– Jane Lewis

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more