Hijab and Religion

Relationship: Im/migrant

I come to the USA with my family I was very young and did not understand why we came but I think it was because to have good life and good education. I had no idea how difficult this was going to be for my family and my life. From the first day, everything was so different that we did not know how to deal with. First, we did not speak English good. Then my culture is very different. People don’t understand who and what I am. Also, my parents had many problems finding a job. One job was not enough to help support our family. At that time my elder brother did not come with us because of visa. Thanks god finally, our lives started get better. I began attending school, my English got better and also was learning to adjust with American culture. Everyone in my family was doing very well. My dad and my brother found new jobs to support all of us.  

Religion is important for my family because we believe our religion and we grow up following our family. One part of my religion is wearing hijab. When I don’t wear hijab people think I am not muslim and also people ask me why you are not Muslim. I don’t wear a hijab when I have friend they all wearing hijab and I following them and my mom and dad don't force me to wearing hijab. Now hijab is very important for me because I am so proud to be Muslim and my religion is very important for me and I try to following everything in my religion. When I am wearing it I think I look so cute with hijab and most boy make fun of me because when I don’t wearing hijab like it is in my religion and country.      

Place(s): Bangladesh to New York
Year: 2015

– MH

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant