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A girl wearing Hijab (Headscarf).
A girl wearing Hijab (Headscarf).

The holy book Qur'an instruct every Muslim women to dress modestly. Hijab is a form of modesty. Hijab is an Arabic word, which means cover or veil. In Islam it describe as to covering your body. Most of the time people describe it as a headscarf that is worn by women. It’s a traditional rule for all the Muslim women to cover their body. It’s worn by Muslim women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated men. It usually covers the head, chest and sometimes the face. When I was in Bangladesh, my mother introduced me to hijab. She taught me all the rules of Islam and told me to follow it. She told me to wear the hijab only to please lord and follow the ordinance of Islam. So hijab was one of the rituals for me to follow. However, my family has always given me the choice whether to wear it or not because if you start wearing it you will have to keep wearing it forever. I choose to wear it and now it always makes me feel safe and comfortable around unrelated males. It also saves me from evil eyes. It makes me feel like a respectful lady who knows what is right for her. It guides me to get closer to my lord (Allah SWT). Our prophet PBUP advises every Muslim women to cover their selves. As a proud Muslim girl, it’s really important for me and my family to follow the rules of prophet PBUP. It's important for us to maintain the ordinance and keeping going with it. 

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2021

– M.S.

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