Heart Necklace

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Taking into account at the age of 38, my grandmother was given this white gold heart necklace with diamonds by my grandfather on the Christmas of 1988. This heart was the last piece of jewelry she was ever given. Four months later cancer defeated her life and heaven gained an angel on April first of 1989. After her passing, my mother who was turning sixteen two days later and her sister who was turning ten at the end of the month now had her heart to hold onto. As for my mother being the second child but older sister, she now had to take on incipient responsibilities in her teenage years. She set examples for my aunt and reminded her of their mother about things she could not exactly remember such as the way my grandmother looked, talked, and even acted. Growing up being children with no mother and two other siblings my mother and aunt learned to look after each other and apportion each others recollections as being the only two girls in the house.They stuck by each others sides and still do till this very day. From April, 1989 to present day my mother and aunt have shared their mothers memories and her precious jewels. For example along with this heart necklace, we share her opal ring, gold locket, cross and much more. Just like my mother who has a sister, I also have one who is at the age of eighteen. Now, that my sister and I are old enough to appreciate the worth of something like her heart we get the opportunity to wear it and share her jewelry along with them.
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Place(s): Lake Grove, New York

– Claudia Stefania

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