A Very Worn Down Shoe

In Attire
Family Artifact Paragraph
Family Artifact Paragraph

My family artifact is my Mom’s ballet shoe from when she was five. It is the left shoe and it is really small like a size 10 in kids. The texture of the ballet shoe is really tough. It is made out of leather. The shoe is really sparkly, with lots of glitter and the color is golden. My mom did ballet until she was eleven years old. You could tell it is an old ballet shoe and worn down because it is all bent in a weird way and the color is fading away. My mom and I do not know where the other shoe is, but in my opinion, it’s cooler to only have one shoe. I think this was her first ballet shoe, or one of the first. The shoe was from the 1980s, so it was probably my mom’s first ballet shoe because she was born in 1982. The ballet shoe sits on a shelf with lots of other heirlooms and pictures of our family and pictures of me. 

Place(s): Brooklyn, NY

– CO

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