Havdala Plate

This is a 'Havdala' plate. Havdala is the blessing that Jews make after the Sabbath has ended to separate a holy day, from the mundane week. As the blessing is said, the wax of the candle melts on to this special plate. This plate was made, and used in Holland circa 1935. Before the Holocaust, my Great Grandparents received this plate as a wedding gift, and used it every week. When the Nazi's invaded Holland, my Great Grandfather Saul gave his most prized possessions to his non- Jewish neighbors. My Great Grandparents and their baby were taken away to the concentration camps, where they were tortured. They were given unimaginable tasks to work, barely any food, and had to bury their own daughter after she passed away from sickness. Even though they went through unbearable suffering, they still kept their faith and imagined using their Havdala plate each week. After miraculously surviving, they returned to Holland, where they met with their neighbor who returned their items. They then migrated to Israel where they continued to use this Havdala plate that separated the holy, from the mundane. My grandparents were given this plate as a wedding present 48 years ago. In 1982, my grandparents came to NY with their three children, and this plate. From Holland, to Israel, to New York this plate is a symbol of strength, unity and tradition, and is used every Saturday night to this day.

Year: 1982

– Jordana E

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