In Attire

This hat made up of a strong straw bond represents the hardship and work my dad went through to cross the border of México and the United States. My father came from a small city or pueblo named Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, México. As most immigrants leaving their hometown he came here illegally because there were not many high paying jobs, people were payed small amounts for hard work. This hat represents the hardships of working in the sun most of time to make a few pesos to make a living. As my father was the oldest of his five brothers he had more of a responsibility to help feed his family especially because his dad died when my father had a young age. This hat he wore was meaningful because it demonstrates the struggle of working at a young age in his country and the hardship of crossing the border in harsh, dry conditions. This hat has meaning because of all the hard work he put in to feed his own family as a kid and how he crossed to the U.S. to make a living and support my family. Thanks to what all my father did and wet through I have a good education and this inspires me to make him proud of what I can accomplish in my life representing his.

Year: 1987

– Fernando DLC

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