Well one of the many things that I have at home that identify me is my harmonica that I had since I was in middle school on it the harmonica the title says Alcatraz Prison, “Where music was a privilege.” The reason why it’s special to me is because in middle school I was invited to go to college trip for three days, I didn’t have to pay anything and even the principal invited me to this trip so I couldn’t have possibly said no. We went on bus we had to wake up early in the morning so that we can get to our hotel on time I got to meet new people and got to know better a few of my friends that were invited as well. While we were visiting all these colleges and universities we also went to visit the famous Alcatraz Prison which is where I got my harmonica. Once when I bought the harmonica I played it nonstop because I loved the way it sounded and I loved just making random beats out of it.

Year: 2013

– Louis Perez

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