Chinese Charm

This is a Chinese charm that my dad wrote on a piece of red cloth. It is supposed to bring good luck to family of the house. It was made by dad when we first moved into a house with money that my dad saved up for over fifteen years. Back in China, my dad was a farmer whose education was only at a middle school level yet he really liked calligraphy, a hobby that seems to be reserved for the wealthy. My dad moved to America because he and my mom believed that their children would have a better education in America even though that meant he had to work even harder to live comfortably. This meant we had to live in a two bedroom apartment for over fifteen years. When we finished renovating the house, we had a house welcoming party and that was when my dad created this charm. The charm is the culmination of my dad’s hard work, the trial and tribulation of immigration, and his love of calligraphy.

Year: 1995

– Eric Zheng

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