In Attire

My parents both came to the States when they were in their late teens. My father came from Indonesia and my mother came from China. Both of them came from poor backgrounds and when they came over they had to work while going to school to fight for survival. Neither had any personal belongings that they brought over. When my mother came over she worked in the garment industry with her sisters and my grandmother while going to school. My father came over and immediately began helping my aunt with her grocery stores and also went to school at the same time. My parents met in 1992. They began working full time at a handbag retail store in Midtown, NY to support their respective families. The picture (is a handbag, although it’s not an actual handbag from the time) represents/shows how they met. My mother was in charge of ordering and my father took part in sales.

Year: 1980

– JC

Relationship:  unknown unknown