Haitian Food

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A mix of popular Haitian foods
A mix of popular Haitian foods

Growing up, I've always heard stories about what it's like living in Haiti and all the different traditions that are part of the culture. For example, on January 1st, Haitians commonly eat a soup called "Soup Joumou" to celebrate Haitian Independence Day each year. This tradition has been passed on for generations. I love participating in it because it brings people together and helps educate others on Haiti's history and culture. One of the biggest parts of Haiti's culture is the food. When it comes to food, the main dishes that Haitians eat are rice and beans, plantains, and macaroni as shown in the picture. These foods are a staple in Haitian culture because they display creativity by using different resources to create something delicious from them. Another main dish that Haitians eat but aren't shown on the plate is Griot which is meat from a goat. This is a dish you can find at almost any Haitian party or gathering because it is such a tasty and enjoyable dish to eat. The story of Haiti consists of many ups and downs. I would consider the food of Haiti something that has greatly benefitted the country because it has brought so many people together and brought knowledge to the many cultures and traditions that derive from Haiti. 

Place(s): Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant