Haitian Flag

The United States of America is known for the land of opportunity. A place where millions of immigrants from around the world come to have a better life for themselves, their families and the future generations. My parents had the same idea in mind. Leaving my homeland of Haiti at the age of 2 was a new beginning. They wanted to make sure that i have a successful future and have a better. Almost every parents have said that but it's true. As the oldest out of 3, I'm the role model to my younger siblings and cousins. Having to learn how to speak English, adapting to the "American Lifestyle" and etc was what i had to do at a young age. I may have left Haiti but i never forgot the culture. Meeting fellow Haitians that became my friends over the past 15 years shows what we have in common. Haitian food, speaking the language somewhat, listening to Kompa and etc is me. I'm planning on going back to Haiti in my 20's. Like they always say, "Never forget where you came from."

Year: 2002

– Mirline Jean

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