Green watch

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Relationship: Im/migrant
close up picture of the watch
close up picture of the watch

This object that is shown in the photo is a watch which was given to me as a birthday gift , and I have kept it for over 6 years as of now, it's made of plastic and metals, is waterproof, can light up in the dark which i think is really cool, and it is colored green and black which are colors I like.  the reason it is so important to me is because during my vacation in El Salvador in 2018, my grandfather, whom I cared very much for and was close to, would always tease and play with me on how he wanted the watch, of course being the child I was, didn’t give him the watch, when he passed away last year, the watch was the last thing that had connections to him so I have kept it safe. during the time I wore it, I always kept it on me, It broke a few times but i've always fixed it, recently though, I've bought a new watch to replace the old one, so now i'm keeping my precious green watch protected  until I can return back to El salvador and offer it up to my grandfathers grave, something I know he’d appreciate.

Place(s): Santa ana
Year: 1998

– Daniel moza

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant