In Attire
Silver Ring with Blue and White Jewel
Silver Ring with Blue and White Jewel

Although my family currently lives in Massachusetts, my father’s side of the family lived in New York when he was younger. My father gave me a little silver ring with a blue jewel and a faded white jewel. The ring is quite small and doesn’t fit my finger, but sits with my other rings as a symbol of my heritage. The ring was given to my father from my great grandfather when he was a little boy. My great grandfather was fairly poor and worked many jobs. One of those jobs was in a jewelry store, where the ring came from. My great grandfather was one of nine in a big German and Irish family. Although the ring is not from Ireland or Germany, the ring acts as a symbol for the difficulties of living in a big family in the Bronx and acquiring jobs as a big immigrant family. My father claims he got the most genes from my great grandfather. Also, I look very similar to my father and got most of my genes from him. Although I have never met him, this ring makes me feel connected to my great grandfather who I received a lot of my genes from and reminds me of my heritage. 

Place(s): New York

– Brett Holland

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