Greek Doll

Greek doll in a fustanella
Greek doll in a fustanella

The object I have selected to reflect my cultural background is a Greek doll from my grandfather. I come from a very diverse background. Although both my parents and all my grandparents were born in America, my great-grandparents derive from many other countries. My mom is predominantly Greek and German, while my dad is predominantly Irish and Dutch. This doll is from my grandfather from my mother’s side. He was not born in Greece, he was born in America; however, his parents were born in Greece and they immigrated to America in 1926. Although my grandpa is no longer alive, this doll leaves behind a legacy because it represents the Greek culture he has introduced into our family. My grandfather was one hundred percent Greek; however, my grandmother was not Greek at all. My brother and I are both 25% greek. My great-grandfather’s last name was originally Pappathakos, but was shortened to Pappas when he came to America as many other last names were. This Greek doll represents a Greek man in a fustanella. A fustanella is a pleated skirt and it was apart of the traditional Greek “costume.” This doll is still apart of my family today and it currently resides with my uncle. It shows how, although my great-grandparents were born in Greece, they were able to come to America to start a new life while still keeping their Greek culture. That is the beauty of America. It is a place where people of different backgrounds get the chance to live harmoniously together.

Place(s): Greece
Year: 1926

– Olivia Meserole

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more