Relationship: Im/migrant

The first thing anyone from my family says when they go visit each other is: “colate cafe ya?”(Which means “Did you make coffee already?”). Coffee in Dominican houses is the first thing they think about when waking up. In America most people just grab coffee in Coffee Shops and some people make their coffee in a coffee machine, but in the Dominican Republic it’s so different! When we do our coffee we use something called a “greca”. The greca has been in my life since I can remember and it literally has made mine and my family’s life easier. The way to use a greca is 1. Fill the bottom chamber 2. Insert the funnel filter into the greca (moka pot). 3. Fill the funnel with enough finely ground coffee. Screw the top half of the greca onto the pot and place on the stovetop 4. Wait until it percolates (5 -10 min), remove the pot from heat, serve and enjoy. And this it is the object that would always have a place in my heart because it’s an awesome thing from my culture, and it had and keeps making my life a little bit easier because it’s something that’s been in my family for forever.      

Place(s): Dominican Republic and America
Year: 2016


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant