Great Grandfathers Guncase

My great grandfathers guncase contains three guns he used in war and a sword of war. It contains two small .22 rifles and a large .338 caliber marksman rifle. The sword he got was given to him as a gift by one of his friends in the military. He didn’t use it in war much, but he did like to sword fight his buddies in camp. He carried the big marksman rifle with him when he was out guarding. His main job in war was to go alone and scout out the enemy base. That was when he carried the lighter .22 guns so he could be more stealthy and move faster. My great grandfather was a very lighthearted and nice young man. He was strong and always respected people, also a little ornery. He survived the war, but sadly died after of malaria. He earned many rewards for his bravery and dangerous job. The swords and the gun case are all locked up at my grandma and grandpas house a long with his uniform and his helmet. His helmet has a few scratches on it from where he was grazed by bullets. He had some very close calls. He was a great man and served his country well.  

Year: 1942

– Aidan Welsh

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