Granny's house

Brick house with a weathered black roof.
Brick house with a weathered black roof.

Every family has a story. My family has been separated a few times throughout my life, but there has always been one place that everyone in my family can go back to. My Granny's house sits in a wholesome neighborhood where everyone is kind and cares about one another’s well-being. My Granny's house is always used for family celebrations or when we all just want to see each other. Her house is the object that represents my family’s culture because it is the one place where everyone can come together with the best intentions. My family doesn’t necessarily have a specific culture, but being together is an important part of the way my family works. The history of where my family came from is unknown, but I do know that my family migrates together whenever we need each other or just want to spend time together. My family’s story isn’t much different from other families, but I think we are unique because my family is very damaged, and we all still find a way to put the problems aside and focus on the love that needs to be given to one another. The similarities between my family and other families are apparent in my eyes. I see other families going through the same hardships and losses, which allows me and other members of my family to connect to others from the outside world who are now going through those same times.

Place(s): Granny's house

– Reese Whitlock

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more