Picture thisComing to  country where you don't understand the languageRaising 4 children in this countryHaving to work in this countryPicking up another language while working in this countryPicture thisMaking minimum wageNot being able to read or write the languageRelying on your children for helpPicture thisThat was my mother. She came to this country with my father, my sister and I. They had very little money but they did have hope. Hope that someday one of their children will go on to do wonderful things. This photo album holds all of the embarrassing moments that my family went through as we lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn NY. From memories of my brothers first birthday party to my 5th, all of the small memories and details of my childhood are housed in this photo album. It also shows the major transition from one country to another. My family previously had a lot of money back in our home country. The fact that they moved into a small apartment upon arrival t was very ironic. In addition, the way that my family had to adapt to the new culture is very similar to a lot of immigrants migrating from a non-English speaking country. They relied on my sister and me for a lot of things from making doctor’s appointments, reminding them of report cards to small things like sending out letters and taking my mom to an unfamiliar address. Overall this upbringing forced me to be very responsible and I am grateful for that. 

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 1999

– G

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child