Granny's Elephant


When I was younger my mom would always take me and my older brother to Joliet, Illinois to visit my Granny (great-grandma). Her house would always have new furniture, but one thing always stayed the same was the decorations. These iron-golden animals stranded around her living room but one that always got my attention was the elephant. I’d always find it no matter where she put it and she’d always say, “won’t you leave my decorations alone!” I’d always ask to keep but she always said you’ll get to have it one-day. She recently passed away and the only item that I wanted was the elephant, my elephant. Every time I see this item it brings me back to sitting on the floor playing with something that would eventually have memories of tears and laughter. An object that reminds me of someone extremely special to me (My Granny) and her elephant. 

Place(s): Joliet, Illinois

– Qwame M.

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