Grandparents Passport Photos

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Grandfather (Pedro) Passport Photo
Grandfather (Pedro) Passport Photo

These are passport photos that were taken of my grandparents before first coming to America in 1981 after living in Peru for almost half of their lives. My grandfather had lived in Peru for about 45 years working as a chemical engineer. My grandmother worked as a farmer in Peru while also balancing student life as she was studying for a psychology major. Although my grandparents were content living in Peru, they decided to immigrate to America in order to create new opportunities for their children. So without being able to understand or speak a majority of English, my grandparents took the risk and left their lives in Peru to pursue their own American dream for their children. Eventually they made their way to New Jersey where they took on jobs that required tons of manual labor in factory settings to provide for the family while in America. My grandparents barely spoke english so getting a desk job wasn't realistic for them, even with my grandfather's background in chemical engineering, but that was the American dream for immigrants, sacrifice whatever you had so your kids can make it here. The physical tolls of these jobs continue to affect my grandparents today but they gave up all they could for their family regardless of the pain. These photos remind me of the many struggles my grandparents had to go through in order to provide me and my family with a better life. Their struggles and hard work made an impact in the way I approach life today, where I will never take anything for granted and work hard for everything I want to achieve.

Place(s): Lima, Peru and America
Year: 1981

– Amanda

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant