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Grandparent Portrait

My name is Jakari. I have 4 siblings and my mom is my only parent. The object I will be speaking about is my family. My grandmother Vanessa came from Shelby, North Carolina in 1969 when she was 6 years old and my grandfather Sammuel came from Puerto Rico. All I know is that my grandfather came here to Lowell Massachusetts of his own will,  so did my Grandma. Little is known about my family tree other than the basics, my ethnicity is black and Puerto Rican and I still have many questions about my dad's side of the family tree, such as who my grandparents are, what their social status was and when they moved to Massachusetts.  I have other questions like how do they cook, what jobs did they have and If they have any pets. One cool thing I learned about my ancestors when my mom took an ancestry test was that we were Nigerian which was actually pretty interesting to find out. But based on what I know about my life I can say that Spanish foods are definitely a part of our culture and as for religion we are Christians. Every Sunday and when we have  church events, sometimes my mom would usually cook for the whole church, One interesting fact is my mom used to be a gospel dancer and recently she became a part of a new dance team. I love watching her dance because she knows how to really flow with the music. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico

– JG

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant