Grandpa's urn

Grandfather's urn
Grandfather's urn

Raphael Santos. Immediately whether that name appears on a sheet of paper or in spoken word it is known as an immigrant name. Raphael Santos, my grandpa, his urn has stuck with me since I was thirteen years old. He was born in Guatemala and left his family behind to create a better life for himself. From the start, my grandpa has always envisioned making the American Dream a reality. While providing for my father and obtaining U.S. citizenship, my grandfather exemplified resilience and love. Despite his absence, my grandfather’s presence is visible through the urn, a constant reminder of the love and encouragement he gave me. As I envisioned my grandpa to be with me throughout my future successes, the urn became an inspiration to guide me on my path. Memories of our visits often involved spontaneous trips to McDonald’s and the creation of his handcrafted swings. The urn I received after his passing identifies his nurturing spirit and a constant reminder to embrace my aspirations. His perseverance in creating a life in the U.S. against all odds demonstrates his hardship. The creative designs and birds on the urn reflect his talent and passion, mirroring the dedication he showed in providing for our family. This beautiful urn, shared by every family member, unites us annually on his birthday. It has been four years, yet the love he gave us remains noticeable. From childhood to now, I’ve always looked up to him, and the urn may be little, but it embodies the confidence and love he gave me since I was a little girl. 

Place(s): Guatemala

– Evelyn Schakaford

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant