This is my grandfather, he is 96 years old.
This is my grandfather, he is 96 years old.

The picture i uploaded is of my Grandfather who is from Dominican Republic.  He is 96 years old and is full of life and have such a positive energy,  he is so strong and give the best advice.  The reason why i chose my grandfather is because back  when he was younger in Dominican republic he would wake up every morning at 5am, to milk the cows, feed the goats, donkeys and other farm animals.   then he would go to work.  By 12pm he would come home with the chicken he caught for  his family of 14.  At that time they didn't have much, but he worked hard to make sure his family weren't hungry and had a roof over his  their heads.  After many years passed he brought a land, and started building with his own hands a new bigger home for his family.   His Children got married and came to the US and became citizens. They  applied for a Visa for my grandparents  and after 10 years of waiting, In 2008 my grandparents came to US but only stayed for 6 month every year. My grandfather  didn't like staying  in NY in the winter so he will always leave around December. He didn't like being locked in an apartment for so long, and hated having to bundle up to out. But non of that matter when it came to being with his family.

Fast forward to now and all his kids have a house in the land that he bought, he still wakes up at 5am to milk the cows and feed the animals even though he is much more older he still does the best he can to provide for his family.  He taught me that hard work really does pay off.

Place(s): Dominican Republic
Year: 2008

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant