Pink Bunny Tracy

Two small eyes
Two small eyes

My little oink bunny stays with me for 4 to 5 years. My parents gave the bunny to me on my eleventh birthday. I love holding her in my arms. During this period, I missed my parents very much, so I used this little bunny they gave me to ease my mood. I like to hold it in the window in a daze, lying in bed I will be covered with a small quilt for her, and say good night. I think of her as my spiritual support. The little bunny was like a family member to me. Also, my best friend forever. She stays with me every day, and it doesn't make me feel lonely around me at this COVID-19 pandemic. My sister has a bunny too, but it’s bigger than mine. We have the same sister toy and we play with our bunny together. Looking at my bunny also can make me imagine a good memory before the pandemic. Tracy made me feel less depressed.

– W

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