grandmas rice

the start of rice making.
the start of rice making.

My Immigration story all starts with my grandma coming from Colima with her very good every occasion rice, she came from Colima when she was about 16 with her mother, her mother still owns the house she was raised In and her mother still lives In It till this day any-who, my grandmas mother taught my grandma the recipe for the rice and my grandma taught me how to make her rice. Fun fact: me and my grandma have the same birthday so double the celebration. I just think this recipe for the rice is such a big part of our family because It's where It all started, before me and my mom both. She makes this rice for very occasion so very occasion has something in common which is the rice. We have to make a lot of rice because everybody eats it real quick and wants more. She passed down the recipe to my mom and now its with me, I'm hoping I can pass It down to my kids one day so It can be continued to be passed down with many memories and love. 
                                                          Recipe for some bomb rice 1 cup of rice w/ two cups water 3 medium slices of onion Add tomatoes Add bell pepper (option) Add 1 packets of sazon goya Add salt 1/2 tablespoonLet sit 20 minsOn Low medium heat

Place(s): colima

– Dsolorio

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant