Grandma's Fruit Salad


 I never knew my grandmother from my father’s side. I never got to experience how sweet she was or how she could make anyone laugh at any given moment. My grandmother died from Alzheimer's way before I was born. In fact, she died right after my oldest brother was born. But just because she passed away, doesn’t mean that the memory of her existence did, too. Every year during Christmas, we have a big feast and every year it consists of a special fruit salad that my grandmother used to always make on Christmas. My grandparents immigrated from Ireland to Indiana with relatively nothing, and my father grew up in a very poor house where it was hard to afford the luxuries we do today. So the simple, yet sweet taste of a fruit salad was something to look forward. It has become a favorite and delicious family tradition that has been passed on to even my brother, who now has his own family. Every year, right before we eat the fruit salad, my siblings and I get to hear from my parents the fun and loving memories of her. 

Place(s): Ireland, Indiana

– Ashton Calaway

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant