Grandma Ruth

My Great-Grandma Ruth
My Great-Grandma Ruth

I come from a small family from Iowa. My family is what many would consider to be broken but I see only strength and love. Starting from my great grandmother, all of the women in my maternal family have been divorced. Although this is what is considered “broken” in many people’s eyes, I only see strength. My great grandmother Ruth left her husband in a time where it was looked down upon for women to be divorced. But her husband was abusive, and she loved her children more than she loved what society thought of her. Her daughter Barbara, my great aunt, landed in a similar situation and divorced her husband to protect her children. Ruth’s daughter Sharon was my maternal grandmother. She was in another abusive relationship with my grandfather. This relationship was toxic, and my grandmother was not the one to leave, he did. This toxic situation spurred my mother into action and made her swear to love her children and do the best for them no matter the cost to her. My mother, Tammie, and my father divorced when I was 10 years old and it was a hard time in my life, but it was for the best. My father was emotionally and physically abusive and my mother knew it was best that he was out of our lives.
Looking back at our family history it is easy to say that these women all made the same mistakes and repeated the cycle, but I see it much differently. I see that they have all broken the cycle and taken their children out of dangerous and life-threatening situations. They did this out of love. Because my female “ancestors” have done this in the past I feel strong and I feel loved.

Place(s): Iowa

– Allie Dye

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