Venice Glass Necklace

An object that defines you means that it stands for who you are as a person. My object is a necklace made out of glass. This necklace came from Venice Italy. It is a handmade glass necklace and I was able to watch them make it in front of me when I went to Italy in 2012. It was my Grandma who pointed this necklace out to me while we were there and she ended up buying it for me. I wear this necklace every time I go out with my family and at every family gathering including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The reason I don’t wear it everyday is because I like to save it for special occasions. This necklace is important to me because it was given to me by my grandmother, who unfortunately is no longer with us. Everytime I wear this necklace it connects me to her because I know how much she loved this necklace which makes me love it even more. Also, this necklace is important to me because because it comes from a place I love. I grew up in a full Italian family and items like this connect me to my culture a lot. Ever since my grandmother passed away, I have cherished this necklace and I will continue to love and cherish this necklace because it represents my family and I along with our culture.

Year: 2012

– Allie S

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