Grandma Pillow

This is the pillow.
This is the pillow.

  • My object is a small, brown pillow with an embroidered tipi and an intricate border. It seems to have been made with some sort of thin fabric(dyed brown), thread/string for the embroidery and stitching, and stuffing on the inside. The pillow is from a charity in San Antonio, Texas for a Native American tribe. My grandmother(on my dad’s side) donated to the charity and the charity gave a pillow back. She gifted the pillow to me when I was around 1 or 2, in 2010 or 2011. When I was 2, she passed away. Because of this story, I’ve always connected the pillow to her. It reminds me of my grandma, who I didn’t really know, but it tells me that she gifted it to me out of love. This object, while not being a part of my culture or religion, is a part of my life now, can be considered a part of my near history, and a part of my future. This story can be told later, making it a part of history some day. I’ve always had an emotional connection to my grandmother and the pillow adds to that, just being another way I can be close to her without having known her.

Place(s): San Antonio

– NV

Relationship:  unknown unknown