Grandma House

Relationship: Im/migrant
the house m grandmother left us.
the house m grandmother left us.

My object is a house in Togo.  It is like a souvenir that my grandmother left for us before she died to remember her.  It is a big house that my grandmother and grandfather bought together but for some reason they separated the house in half.  The house is made of mortar, zinc, bricks and stakes.  In the house we have a lot of rooms and before she died she had a lot of people in the house like she used to rent the rooms to people that need place to stay.  The house come from my grandmother, she built it when she was young.  My mother used to bring us there to see her before she died. We gather there to celebrate Christmas with the entire family because it is like a family house to us or we could go there to spend time there just to relax or have dinner together or have party like birthdays. The house is important to me because it reminds me of my late grandmother. The reasons why I left the house and came to the United States was because my dad want me to come stay with him because I haven't seen my dad since I was born so he decided to bring me to him. 

Place(s): Togo
Year: 2017

– M S A

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant