Gospel Album

I have a musical family. We emotionally express ourselves through song and this CD is an American gospel album that inspires people to believe in not only yourself but also in the lord. It incites you to get up and live a life that you are excited to live even on the days that aren’t so exciting. It is a very significant album in my family that symbolizes our strength as a family unit and how thankful we are to be living life regardless of our downfalls. This album came to our attention when my grandfather passed away in 2008, God rest his soul. I remember the day like yesterday, all of us gathered in that hospital room as he took his last breath. It was an unbearable feeling and the look on my mom's face was something I would never forget. It looked as if all the blood rushed out her body and a piece of her had died along with my grandfather. He was a man of honor and impacted all of our lives in different ways and made us the people we are today. My grandfather who was also a father, uncle, cousin, brother, and husband left us that dreadful morning. He taught us all how important it is to be who we are as African Americans and showed the boys in our family to be great men. The album gave us hope to continue on and trust the lord because he has perfect timing.

Year: 2008

– Alana Govan

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