Family Bible

Family Bible
Family Bible

When I was ten, I learned about a family bible that was floating around somewhere in my mother's paternal family.  At the same time that I began to learn about this missing book, I also found out that a great deal of my family lives in Canada... and they were looking for the Bible. Letters upon letters came in, asking my grandfather where it was and my grandfather became uncomfortable by this and never answered a single one back.
 A few years later, I went to my grandparent's house for a visit and to assist them in moving.  As I was moving boxes in the garage, I came to a particularly tall pile of boxes, so I started to go through each one and removing them from the pile.  Under the pile, on the floor of my grandparent's garage was a giant leather-bound book with a picture of Jesus etched into the cover. I picked up the large book and brought it over to my grandmother.  My grandmother's eyes bulged as she said "My God... You found the family bible".   After all of these years of people searching, I was the one to find it.  My grandfather then came outside and saw what I had found.  He looked me over and said "Well, look what you dear, I am giving this to you.  You are now the keeper of this book. It is yours".  
This took me by surprise.  Family bibles are meant to be passed down to the next male. I am so grateful to my grandfather for entrusting the family bible to me so that I, as his granddaughter, who loves history, genealogy, and her family, may become the first female keeper of this cherished book.   

Place(s): The United States of America; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Prussia

– Kali Pichler

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more