Virgin Mary Pendant

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Virgin Mary Pendant from my Presentation
Virgin Mary Pendant from my Presentation

 Growing up as a first-generation American with immigrant parents, I had the opportunity to feel close to my culture and heritage growing up. My parents always told me they did not want us to forget where we came from and the sacrifices they made to be where we are today. This included following religious traditions like baptism, presentation, first communion, and confirmation.  A presentation is a Mexican celebration of a 3-year-old child being presented to the temple after baptism. In these types of celebrations, a child is usually given a pendant as a gift by their godparents or parents to wear the day of and even after as a form of symbolism and connection with the person's religion. For my presentation, I was given a gold one with the Virgin Mary on the front and my name engraved on the back. Since that day I’ve worn it since I could remember and only take it off when I feel at risk of losing it or it simply needs a cleanse. It became to me a symbol of knowing I always have someone looking out for me and feeling closer to the traditions and culture my family and I can continue passing through generations. 

– Jessica

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant