Quinceañera Ring

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Quince ring given to me on my big day.
Quince ring given to me on my big day.

Every young girl has dreams and goals to accomplish when they grow up. They dream over the moon with becoming an astronaut, a princess, or even a mother. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, therefore I didn’t think I had the opportunities to reach for the stars. Contrary to that , I did have one specific dream. A dream every little Hispanic girl desires–a quinceanera. My quinceanera occurred during the pandemic in July 2020. Although it was not the biggest party, it was the best night of my life. I still received my golden ring and wore my burgundy quinceanera dress. Traditionally a quince ring is gifted by the parents or godparents of the quinceanera.The ring given on this day represents the infinite circle of love from the giver, and me being the recipient, I did indeed feel that infinite circle. A ring is the best piece of jewelry to cherish as a memory. Especially on the day where the dream of that little girl I once was before was able to fulfill that wish and get to experience her dream quinceanera. I'm very grateful that I was able to have a quinceanera, and the little girl in me will be forever thankful to her parents and everyone who was involved to make my dream come true. 

– Karen Hernandez

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant