Golden Earring

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Golden Earring
Golden Earring

My object is golden earrings. They were made in Samarkand, where me and my family came from.  Long ago my grandmother had made them, they were gold with a ruby and there was an eye on top of it. My grandmother has passed them down to my grandma to my mom to me! The golden earrings are mostly just passed down to the girls on my mom’s side of the family and once I grow older I will be able to pass it down to my daughter, but for now I have them and I will take them off on my 11th birthday.  A thing about the earrings is that the earring has a curve so it is hard to put on and take off. I don't know why it has a curve but it does. It does kind of help if someone was trying to steal the earrings. 
 I think it's beautiful and I love it. It teaches how my culture is more unique! I also think it's special because it was passed down from my grandmother and it's the only thing I have from her. I don't know if I've seen my grandmother before but I think I have. Once when I was younger I was at my grandma's house and my grandmother lived next to her on a hill and so I would go to her house and me and my cousins would play in her yard. But I don't remember how she looks anymore. I just have one memory of her, it was when I was standing next to her. So those earrings are very special to me And it will keep going on and on with my grandmother's name in our hearts forever.
My question for my grandmother is: why would you make the earrings curved? I have another question: why is there a ruby on it? Is it special? I have another one: why’d you think to start passing down the earrings?

Place(s): Samarkand
Year: 2012

– MR

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