Gold Opal Charm

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Gold Opal charm on chain
Gold Opal charm on chain

On my 16th birthday my grandmother gave me a necklace. It’s a beautiful flower-shaped gold patterned charm, about the size of a quarter with a single bright blue opal in the center. The exact age is unknown, but it at least as old as my grandmother because she had it as a child. The original chain is gone, but it is still bright and the Persian designs are visible on it. This necklace is significant for me for two reasons. Firstly, my grandmother gave it to me with purpose, it was not just a last minute decision. It is a heirloom that has gone through our family. With a culture so centered on family this means a lot to me. Family is so important that I have been raised with relatives whose connection to me is often not even clear. My mother is a European mix and the cultural differences are clear. I know people on my father’s side who, if they were on my mothers side, I would not even be able to name. Since this is such a significant thing in Iran it connects me to my heritage to know I’m included in the same traditions. Secondly, it reminds me there is always good. The Middle East is not often portrayed well in modern media, especially in the USA, and despite growing up with people from that area I always assumed it was a terrible place. Recently however I’ve learned a lot more about Iran and what it was like when my grandparents lived there. This necklace is a physical symbol that beauty comes out of unexpected places, and reminds me there is always more good than shown. 

Place(s): Iran
Year: 1962

– RN.

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant