Military Patch

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Military patch
Military patch

The military patch was worn by my grandfather when he was in the air force. It was given from my grandfather to my parents, and now it is resting in a frame. He signed up for the military many years ago and joined the airforce. He stayed at the Williams Air Force Base in Arizona, and while he was there he had a lot of things happen to him. A memory he has is when he was training in a two person jet with his trainer and was learning how to go into a holding pattern in order for a rocket to be launched. There were a lot of delays so they were running out of gas, and they didn’t have enough to fly to an alternate airport. They would have flew over the ocean and ejected if the Controller hadn’t called them and said that they could land immediately  at an airport. So at twenty-thousand feet above the ground they rolled their plane invertedly and pulled down so they could get low to the ground quickly. They landed on the runway safely and ran out of fuel on the taxiway and got towed in. He didn’t have to eject from the jet but that still shows courage and resourcefulness. And while he was doing all of that he was wearing that patch.

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