gold jewish star chain


Noah VakninMrs.SarichEnglish 11-H27 November 2018    More than a chainMany people have items that were passed down through many generations that have significant meaning to a person.  The item I feel a strong connection with is my gold chain with the star of david on it.  My great grandpa gave this to my grandpa who gave it to my dad then eventually gave it to me as well as my brother to share.  My great grandpa Joseph acquired this chain through one of his friends he meet while he was locked up in a concentration camp during world war 2.  His name is Michael.  He did not have the chance to escape because in 1941 he was killed by a German soldier.  Although he didn’t have Micheal by his side when he escaped, my great grandpa did escapa year later with the help of other people locked up in the camp. My grandpa told me that my great grandpa would always use this chain to help him believe that there was a way out.  It stood for hope.  In addition to hope this represents Michael as well.  It made him determined to get out not just for himself,but for Michael.  He officially escaped on March 23 1942 which was one day before his birthday.  To this day all members of my family who were lucky enough to wear this chain wear it on two specific days, on his birthday,and the day he escaped.  In conclusion this chain has helped me and other members of my family feel a strong bond with my great grandpa, even though I never got to meet him, it still felt like had experienced all of what he has.

Place(s): Germany

– Noah Vaknin

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more