Gold Chain

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Gold chain
Gold chain

What I want to do in the future is to give my favorite chains that I always wear to my future children’s, because my parents gave me a chain. It’s important to me because my parents gave it to me as a present, and my dad passed down his important chain to me because his father gave it to him. When my grandpa lived in mexico he saved his money when he was 15 years old and got the chain that I have now But when my dad was born he gave the chain he got to my dad and now my dad passed it down to me that is why it’s important to me. Then the next day my mom gave her 2 chains when my mom was 7 years old, to my sisters but everyday my parents work hard and do anything for me and my sisters. that’s how I’m trying to be in the future. To work hard and to never give up. 

 But I have to know they have to take care of things first because I always lose things and broke stuff when I was little. I was a troublemaker. I also almost lost the chain that my dad gave me. I dropped it when I was going outside the car and left to church until a nice man told my parents I dropped it and thanked him. But the great thing was that I still have my chain that my dad gave me and the present my parents gave me that I don’t wear any more because it’s too small now for me.

Place(s): California
Year: 2007

– B

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