Gold Bracelet

Relationship: Im/migrant
It's a 6 inch gold bracelet.
It's a 6 inch gold bracelet.

We have this gold bracelet in my family which we get it when we are born. It's special because everybody in the family has worn it when they were a baby. When our wrists outgrow the bracelet, we know our ownership of it has expired. The bracelet is then put into this little red satchel and kept in a locked case. It's been a tradition in the family for decades apparently, and it will continue to be a tradition in the future generations. My family migrated from China and landed in the United States for work purposes and for my family's education. My family’s story is unique since the bracelet symbolizes a new life. The bracelet also symbolizes another generation being added to our family tree. It hasn’t been taken out of the safe since my sister was born. My family story is similar to other family stories because it is all special to us in different ways.

Place(s): China
Year: 1998

– M

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant