Gold Bangle of Memories

In Attire

The object that I chose to write about was this gold bangle. It was passed down to me by my late grandmother from my dad’s side of family in Trinidad and Tobago. In the Hindu religion, which I was brought up in, there are many traditions when it comes to receiving gold jewelry as it a symbol of protection, luck and prosperity. As my grandmother entered her early 70’s, she gathered all her 7 grandchildren and gave each of them one piece of her gold jewelry to keep as a memoir of her, so that whenever it was time for her to join the other angels in heaven, we would all have something by which we could remember her by and she could live on through us by. She told me that the bangle which I was given was one of her most cherished and valuable piece of jewelry as it was given to her by her mother and was passed through a few generations. Even though I've migrated to the United States now, every time I wear my bangle, I cannot help but remember my grandmother and all the memories made in those short but beautiful 12 years I was lucky to have spent with her. I only wear my bangle on special occasions as I would not like it to be misplaced. In the future, I would also like to pass along the bangle to my future children to keep it in the family.

Year: 2015

– Sherrissa N Sooknanan

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