Handmade Handkerchief

In Attire

My special artifact is a handkerchief my grandmother brought with her from Palestine. The handkerchief is decorated with flowers on it. The handkerchief is made out of a thin white cloth. There many colors like pink, purple, red and blue. The history behind my object is that my great- grandmother made this with her own two hands. It was passed down to my grandmother to my mom then to my sisters. There was a war that made people flee from Palestinian that made us leave but she brought the handkerchief with her so she can remember her home and Isreal. This object is important to my culture people wear them. Some people use it to remember a place or a person or even a thing. In the United States, you may find handkerchiefs in the pocket of a man’s suit. My handkerchief is 90 to 95 years of age. How you say handkerchief in Arabic is منديل but in English it is pronounced, “mandil”. The handkerchief is crafted in Palestinian.My grandmother brought with her before the war when escaping to America. It reminds us of the struggles that we faced, and I value this family treasure.

Year: 1969

– Amjad

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant