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My grandmas last pair of glasses.
My grandmas last pair of glasses.

Blindness through the looking glass
When you think of bad eyesight, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? GLASSES! Well at least for me it does, and it also did for my grandma in 1951. When my grandma Carolyn Norwood was 9 years old she got her first pair of glasses. “They were these big, brown, round glasses” my aunt Yolanda Norwood described (my grandmas firstborn). “you know when the prescription is so strong that through the lense it makes your eyes look googly? That’s what hers looked like”. Now that my grandma is deceased her two children (my mom and aunt) wear glasses as well. But they started wearing them as they got older, never as a child. During the interview I continued to ask questions about my grandmother's parents, as in did they wear glasses as a child or an adult? The answer was no, which made me think a little deeper to why would the blindness skip generations. My family didn’t know the answer to that question, but it’s a question I’m willing to do my research on. Me, my mother, and my aunt wear glasses along with my cousin. We wear them every single day 24/7 as if they’re our second pair of eyes (which they are). Our glasses are apart of us, they’re part of our identity. When people see us they expect to see us with them on. And without them, we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of the world. That’s my they’re so important to my family. 
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