German Shepherd

Rommel, German Shepherd
Rommel, German Shepherd

The closest thing I have to a migration story is that when I was three years old my mother moved from Easton back to Brockton. My mother had originally moved from Brockton to Easton with my father when they married, but when they divorced they sold the house and went their separate ways. My mother bought a house in Brockton and Rommel (the German shepherd), my mother, and I all moved in. The reason I choose my German shepherd as the item is because it is the only thing we have pictures of from this time. Rommel was also the same age as I was so he was 3 years old when we moved as well and he would only listen to my mother or I. The picture of Rommel is from when he was 10, one year before his death. My family has lived in Brockton all the way back to my great great grandfather, so this is the closest thing I have to a migration story, I apologize for how short and boring this is. 

Place(s): Easton Massachusetts, Brockton Massachusetts
Year: 1998

– ED

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child