Game Boy

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Rectangular, Clicky keys, Dimmed screen
Rectangular, Clicky keys, Dimmed screen

A first-edition Game Boy from my father; a sharp boxy figure, the stickiest buttons, and loud electronic music. When he showed me the Game Boy, its extensive history shined through its deep scratches, noticeable dents, disintegrating screen, and disorientated audio. Despite its age, the small object retains profound significance in my family’s story. Growing up, stories from my family’s troubled past had always left a lasting impression on my younger self. My relatives on my father’s side experienced struggles with a history of substance abuse, criminal records, and poverty. Because of this, my father did his best to spare us from the hardships that he was forced to endure. In harsh times, the Game Boy became his refuge, a respite from constant stress, and a symbol of the sacrifices he has made to have stability in our family. My parents believed in the American dream, by migrating from a foreign country to seek a brighter future. The item, represented the disciplined actions from finance and budgeting, signifying the choice between personal desires and familial needs. The Game Boy symbolized the shift from the minimum to the pursuit of the better. When my father purchased this item, it was a sign of his success, it became a reward for his hard work. When he preserved it, putting the memories away in a box, it became a tale to tell about the hardships and determination he had to overcome. The Game Boy, with its history, mirrors the journey - leaving the past for the present. 

Place(s): Nevada
Year: 2000

– Colleen Cabasug

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant