gambling chain

My golden chain
My golden chain

This golden necklace was passed down to my dad when he turned 15 by his father. My dad told me that this necklace was very important to him because it got him through some difficult times. When my mom and dad lived in Mexico he was heavily addicted to gambling. He bet massive amounts of money and lost most of it all the time. It got to the point where he needed funds in order to keep gambling so he considered pawning this necklace. Before he did though, my mom was considering leaving him if he didnt turn his life around right there and then. He told me he looked at the necklace and remembered all the good times he had with his father, something he wouldn’t get to have if my mom left him. And so he did. He had to work hard in order to recover all the money he lost and to this day he still hasn't. He told me that he wore this necklace everyday until he got over his gambling habits. Eventually he did and ever since has stopped wearing it until he was able to pass it down to me. When I turned 15, he gave it to me and said, “Whenever you're at your lowest point, wear this necklace, and think about something you look forward to doing in the future.” From my grandpa to my dad to me, I will keep this tradition going and give it to my first born child when they turn 15, and tell him/her the time where my dad almost lost everything.

Place(s): Mexico, United States

– JT

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