Funny Cup

This hilarious cup represents how my great grandmother makes funny cups to cheer up those around. It began when my great grandmother moved to Oklahoma. She and my grandma had many rough times living there. When my grandma was ever feeling sad or angry, my great grandmother made cups with funny pictures on it to cheer her up. Many years have gone by and my grandma had a beautiful child which was my mother. For some strange reason my mom wasn't interested in these funny cups. But when my mother had me, my grandma used the funny cups to cheer me up everyday after was school. I was always bullied in elementary school and I was always going to my grandma's house after school. Every time I tell her about my sad and sometimes horrifying days, she always showed me cups that her mother made that had funny pictures on them. I always laughed because it always cheered me up. My grandma always said that “Once you get older you too may cheer people up with funny cups. I never knew how to make cups and my great grandmother's cups were sent back to Oklahoma. So I cheered people up by making them laugh because I like to see happy people. Sometimes I'll act goofy if I have seen someone sad or angry. The hilarious cups that my great grandmother made are the reason why I am what I am today.

Year: 2002

– Kenneth

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