Football Trophy

In Fun

The game was tied, it was late in the fourth quarter and I knew I had an opportunity to seal the game. At the line of scrimmage, sweat dripping down my face with thoughts racing a million miles per hour through my mind I was ready to score again on the play thirty six dive. Looking calm and ready I was nervous. “ Down, Set, Hike!” Screamed my quarterback and when he threw the ball I jumped up and successfully scored the touchdown! To represent this victory, we were given this trophy. However, this trophy represented something totally different for me. This trophy represents that in life you have to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. Before the season, I had to decide if I wanted to play on the division two or division three team. I ended up choosing the division three team because I would be given more playing time. I took the opportunity where I would be able to play as much as possible. This trophy reminds me to do what gives me the best opportunity in life. Without choosing to play in division three I wouldn't have had the opportunity to succeed the way that I did. This shows that every decision you make, opens up different opportunities to succeed. I now know to capture every chance to be successful.

Year: 1940

– Jesse M

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